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How to Prepare for Successful Interviews

When organisations advertise for a job opening, there is a good chance that they will receive applications from plenty of qualified candidates. Hiring Managers have to do the skill mapping, do identify which candidate has the best skillset and attitude to succeed at their particular organisation and on their specific team.

with that in mind, it is important that you do everything in your power to differentiate yourself in a way that makes you memorable for the right reasons. One of the best opportunities to emphasise your uniqueness is the all too common interview question,”what makes you different from the rest”.

To prepare yourself with an answer that will impress hiring managers and recruiters, your most primary assessment is the employer’s interest. It is a tip that works for pretty much all of the most common interview questions, so keep that at the forefront when you prepare answers.

Interview preparations for this question is a little too easy to comprehend, thus researching the job requirements and basic job roles and descriptions, identifying the job responsibilities and so on.

Having a firm grasp of the minimum experience level will better shape your answers to include skills, qualifications, and personality traits that go above and beyond what is necessary for the job or otherwise complement the job’s requirements.

Make a list of your own qualifications and do comparisons mapping to the desired as per the prescriptions. pick a few of your strengths that relate to the job requirements, and use them as the core for your answer about what makes you stand out among other candidates.

These can be professional skills, areas of expertise, personal qualities, or any relevant experience. Also consider any impressive accomplishments from your past or career goals that speak to your commitment to the field.

You need ot think of ways to do the other candidates. when gathering your information and listing your credentials, try to predict what other people might say. Think about what strengths other people see as valuable, and think of examples you can give that show how you can out do everyone else in these areas.

As a remainder, do not actually mention the other candidate, instead, think of them abstractly as people possessing the same basic skill set and background as the job posting calls for, but without that X factor that makes you stand out.

Consider what makes you unique, think about what makes you uniquely perfect for the job. Try to pick out one or two qualities experiences you have that are different from what other people might bring to the table, or things are generally more difficult to find in potential employees.

Most of the time, try staying on the topic during deliberations, and most of the time , try to be precise and brief with accurate answers. In between, think about what strengths are needed for the job and let them know how your skills and experience make you the best fit over all those other scrubs.

I am sure that all the mentioned readiness will increase the probability of your selections.

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Shweta Pandey

A Commerce Gold medallist and a Management Professional by education, Shweta is a proficient Behavioural Skills Trainer.

Shweta carries over decades experience of in a mix of corporates and academics, out of which, over the period of the last 12 years, she has trained several Gen Z and millennials to empower them in the area of soft skills, behavioural skills Public Speaking etc..She also carries Teaching Experience from reputed academic institutions like St Francis, Manipal School etc and many more…

She has been associated with new age education technology companies as well as an Instructor and Guide for various Virtual Communication Interventions…She also carries certifications in Public Speaking and Business English Communication (BEC) certified trainer…

Shweta is an active member of the Lucknow Management Association, where she actively contributes to the management activities emanating from women’s empowerment.

Neeraj pandey

As a Leader, Neeraj, has over 21 years of experience in Marketing, Business Development, and Sales and related functions of Business Growth.

Academically, in addition to being a Science Grad, he is a Management Alumnus of NMIMS Mumbai and has completed a Leadership Management Course from IIM Ahmedabad.

Neeraj has held various Leadership positions in companies like HCL Group, ICICI Group, HDFC Group, Godrej Group. His recent assignment has been with All India Management Association as a Deputy Director - CMD

He, now, helps his clients scale their sales, revenues and customer growth through different actionable plans. He believes everyone can transform into their best version - through purpose, motivation, and process. He has experienced such changes through consistent atomic actions in himself and his clients.

Neeraj is also a Certified NLP Specialist, Practitioner and Consultant.

Neeraj coaches clients who wish to achieve the big dream and take committed actions. Most of his clients want to transition from a role, career, or industry. Some want to kickstart a hustle, be self-employed, or turn entrepreneurs.

Neeraj is a certified Executive Coach and Intelligent Leadership Coach, he endeavours to help more professionals experience coaching and change.

He also consults and supports SMEs to accelerate marketing, business development, and sales outcome.

Neeraj is a certified trainer in B2B complex sales and helps sales executives uncover value for their clients, master compelling conversations, and achieve measurable improvement in sales performance. He specializes in sales prospecting, consultative selling, account management, sales productivity, and sales coaching.

He is actively associated as a prominent member of Lucknow Management Association, and several MSME and Start up’s Forums.

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