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individual lies within, exploring and
discovering the inner you and unleashing
your True Potential is what we aim to inspire.

The True Strength of an


relevant in this fast transforming
digital age is crucial

Sharpening your skills to stay

for career progression

Enhance your skills

Enhance your skills to be your
favoured employer first choice



Delivered by Industry Experts

Our Experts come with a comprehensive industry experience of the corporate world, which empowers them to deliver learnings linking real life scenarios, making sessions relevant and easy to comprehend. Having worked in different fields they are, therefore, able to assess training needs with a holistic perspective.

80% Experiential Based

Experiential learning enables participants to examine their actions and their thought processes, and even their emotional responses. This internal reflection prepares participants for the workplace and helps them make major life choices, improve their personal relationships, and address their emotional needs.

Research Based Training Modules

Research based training content conveys the knowledge and skills your employees need to succeed in their roles and in your organization. Custom content curated basis on analytics can engage with the audience effectively , and then on the job application becomes critical yielding to achieving consistent high performance

Highly Customized

Customized or Taylor Made training content is an effective way to close knowledge gaps between where the participants learnings are and where they need to be. This allows organizations to focus on the specific skills and competencies needed for setting the right Impetus in an individual employee’s profile, team, or department for a larger effective learning outcome.


For so many years, the global workforce has been continually evolving. An increasingly competitive business landscape, rising complexity, and the digital revolution are reshaping the mix of employees. Meanwhile, persistent uncertainty, a multigenerational workforce, and a shorter shelf life for knowledge have placed a premium on reskilling and upskilling. The shift to a digital, knowledge-based economy means that a vibrant workforce is more important than ever, research suggests that a very significant percentage of market capitalization in public companies is based on intangible assets—skilled employees, exceptional leaders, and knowledge.

Keeping this in mind, all our training interventions are focused on business outcomes. To develop outcome-driven new-age learning solutions, the approach requires an entirely novel way of showcasing training excellence; an approach that changes the way training is conceived, designed, and executed over the long term. An approach that drives real behavior change and results.

We follow the Learning-centric pedagogy. This approach is a mix of the learner-centric and trainer-centric approaches to bring the best out of both by delivering the training in a blended learning mode. We offer multi-dimensional learning opportunities for the participants that facilitates continuity and reinforcement of learning.

Step 1: Effective Training Program Management

Step 2: Assessments of Learning Needs

Step 3: Aligning Training to Business Goals & Career Goals

Step 4: Setting Goals and Tracking the Right Training Metrics

Step 5: Modern and Relevant Training Content

Step 6: Training Reinforcement to Increase Learning Retention


B2B Sales Training
B2B sales training is a type of sales training that focuses on business-to-business
sales …
B2C Sales Training
B2C sales training is a type of sales training that focuses on business-to-consumer sales. It is designed to help …
Soft Skill Development Programs
For the organization to be successful, its managers need to master new challenges and constantly move ahead…
Placement Enhancement Programs
For the organization to be successful, its managers need to master new challenges and constantly move ahead…
Business English
You need strong English Speaking Skills to enable for excellent English Communication

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    Shweta Pandey

    A Commerce Gold medallist and a Management Professional by education, Shweta is a proficient Behavioural Skills Trainer.

    Shweta carries over decades experience of in a mix of corporates and academics, out of which, over the period of the last 12 years, she has trained several Gen Z and millennials to empower them in the area of soft skills, behavioural skills Public Speaking etc..She also carries Teaching Experience from reputed academic institutions like St Francis, Manipal School etc and many more…

    She has been associated with new age education technology companies as well as an Instructor and Guide for various Virtual Communication Interventions…She also carries certifications in Public Speaking and Business English Communication (BEC) certified trainer…

    Shweta is an active member of the Lucknow Management Association, where she actively contributes to the management activities emanating from women’s empowerment.

    Neeraj pandey

    As a Leader, Neeraj, has over 21 years of experience in Marketing, Business Development, and Sales and related functions of Business Growth.

    Academically, in addition to being a Science Grad, he is a Management Alumnus of NMIMS Mumbai and has completed a Leadership Management Course from IIM Ahmedabad.

    Neeraj has held various Leadership positions in companies like HCL Group, ICICI Group, HDFC Group, Godrej Group. His recent assignment has been with All India Management Association as a Deputy Director - CMD

    He, now, helps his clients scale their sales, revenues and customer growth through different actionable plans. He believes everyone can transform into their best version - through purpose, motivation, and process. He has experienced such changes through consistent atomic actions in himself and his clients.

    Neeraj is also a Certified NLP Specialist, Practitioner and Consultant.

    Neeraj coaches clients who wish to achieve the big dream and take committed actions. Most of his clients want to transition from a role, career, or industry. Some want to kickstart a hustle, be self-employed, or turn entrepreneurs.

    Neeraj is a certified Executive Coach and Intelligent Leadership Coach, he endeavours to help more professionals experience coaching and change.

    He also consults and supports SMEs to accelerate marketing, business development, and sales outcome.

    Neeraj is a certified trainer in B2B complex sales and helps sales executives uncover value for their clients, master compelling conversations, and achieve measurable improvement in sales performance. He specializes in sales prospecting, consultative selling, account management, sales productivity, and sales coaching.

    He is actively associated as a prominent member of Lucknow Management Association, and several MSME and Start up’s Forums.

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