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For K12 (School)

Skill solution for Budding Speakers

Communication is the backbone of any society. It allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Public speaking is one of the most important and most dreaded forms of communication. In the working world, public speaking is a vital skill to have. While some kids take to it naturally, others tend to be more fearful of standing and talking in front of a crowd.

Public speaking is one of the most important forms of communication. We have specialized courses for k12 students to improve their public speaking skills.

Public speaking helps to progress your child in the following:

Improved communication skills

Improved communication skills

Increased self-esteem

Planning experience

As public speaking is critical to have as an adult, developing the ability as a child is one of the best ways to conquer it.

Public Speaking (for 6 -12 year age)

Students will learn elements of Public Speaking, working forward to become the better version of themselves.

Learn how to manage their fears & anxiety by following a simple rule

Learn how to reduce signs of nervousness by taking standing still as a default position

Learn to improve their eye contact with audience

Learn to structure their idea in an organized method

Learn to use proper hand gestures during their presentation

Learn to project their voice effectively in presentation such as different pace, tone and volume.

Coverage of Speeches and Debating skills

Learn to use different kind of facial expression in their speech

Note* :  A certificate of participation is awarded to participants who completed the program/workshop to a satisfactory level

Public Speaking (for 12-17 year age)

This program will be for Adolescents maturing to step into stream of fresh opportunities post the age of 18 years.

We’ll learn how organize talks clearly, write them memorably, and deliver them confidently.

By the end of the course, you should be able to significantly reduce your fear of public speaking, use rehearsal techniques to develop a strong, vibrant speaking voice, and perform speeches with dynamic movement and gestures.

The speech model that we’ll practice is useful for briefings, elevator talks, interviews, and even as a structure for hour-long presentations.

Following will be the modules covered..

Understanding speech

Making ideas compelling and memorable

Illustrating and delivering your ideas

Overcoming your fear of public speaking and developing great delivery

Course conclusion and your final speech

Scientific Career Guidance. /Career Counselling Program

Note* :  A certificate of participation is awarded to participants who completed the program/workshop to a satisfactory level

Career Counselling Sessions for Grade 9 to 12

The Program is scientifically designed to cover following enablers for a complete career counselling session.

Time is of the essence. At a time in your life when admissions and job goals are critical, it is important to concentrate on profile building while also fulfilling academic goals. A missed opportunity means that a whole year goes to waste, and with the speed that the world is moving at, this is a big risk. Wherever you might be in your academic journey, we will help you Realize your career aspirations, through consistent hand holding and mentoring.

Session Construct :

Identifying Key Strengths & Acknowledging Areas of Improvement

College Readiness including Interview Preparation

Choice of Entrance Exams / Standardized Test

Career and Course Clarity through Personalized Career Guidance Sessions

Assessment session for Profiling & Career Discovery

Career Coach to help you empower your Career Journey

Note* :  A certificate of participation is awarded to participants who completed the program/workshop to a satisfactory level

Career Counselling Sessions

All Courses are available in Online/Campus Modes as well

Shweta Pandey

A Commerce Gold medallist and a Management Professional by education, Shweta is a proficient Behavioural Skills Trainer.

Shweta carries over decades experience of in a mix of corporates and academics, out of which, over the period of the last 12 years, she has trained several Gen Z and millennials to empower them in the area of soft skills, behavioural skills Public Speaking etc..She also carries Teaching Experience from reputed academic institutions like St Francis, Manipal School etc and many more…

She has been associated with new age education technology companies as well as an Instructor and Guide for various Virtual Communication Interventions…She also carries certifications in Public Speaking and Business English Communication (BEC) certified trainer…

Shweta is an active member of the Lucknow Management Association, where she actively contributes to the management activities emanating from women’s empowerment.

Neeraj pandey

As a Leader, Neeraj, has over 21 years of experience in Marketing, Business Development, and Sales and related functions of Business Growth.

Academically, in addition to being a Science Grad, he is a Management Alumnus of NMIMS Mumbai and has completed a Leadership Management Course from IIM Ahmedabad.

Neeraj has held various Leadership positions in companies like HCL Group, ICICI Group, HDFC Group, Godrej Group. His recent assignment has been with All India Management Association as a Deputy Director - CMD

He, now, helps his clients scale their sales, revenues and customer growth through different actionable plans. He believes everyone can transform into their best version - through purpose, motivation, and process. He has experienced such changes through consistent atomic actions in himself and his clients.

Neeraj is also a Certified NLP Specialist, Practitioner and Consultant.

Neeraj coaches clients who wish to achieve the big dream and take committed actions. Most of his clients want to transition from a role, career, or industry. Some want to kickstart a hustle, be self-employed, or turn entrepreneurs.

Neeraj is a certified Executive Coach and Intelligent Leadership Coach, he endeavours to help more professionals experience coaching and change.

He also consults and supports SMEs to accelerate marketing, business development, and sales outcome.

Neeraj is a certified trainer in B2B complex sales and helps sales executives uncover value for their clients, master compelling conversations, and achieve measurable improvement in sales performance. He specializes in sales prospecting, consultative selling, account management, sales productivity, and sales coaching.

He is actively associated as a prominent member of Lucknow Management Association, and several MSME and Start up’s Forums.

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